The Sessions

Does your child want to play guitar, bass guitar, drums or have singing lessons and then perform in a band on stage?

What happens each week?

Our sessions are 1.5 hours long, consisting of 3 separate parts: tuition, Plug ‘n’ Play, group activities.

From choosing out of vocals, keyboard, bass, drums or guitar, your child would go into tuition (in a group of 5 or 6 students) on that instrument, learning one song every two weeks. They also get taught technique along the way. Our tutors are all young professionals currently gigging or working as session musicians for recording artists.

As well tuition, another part of the session is what we call “Plug n Play”. This is what makes The Rock Project so unique – we get all the students together, form bands and perform the songs they have learnt during the tuition! For our seniors, this may lead to eventually forming bands outside Rock Project, which may then lead onto performing local gigs.

Another section of the session is a more relaxed/social/learning time. This can be varied week on week, and what we do in Juniors could vary to what we do in Seniors. In a typical session though, we could perhaps have a musical quiz, some group activities/games based around music, and a songwriting exercise for example. We may also extend the Plug n Play section into this part of the session.

We hold a large Summer Rock Concert at the end of every academic year and also Christmas Mini-Concert. These concerts allow the students to show what they have learnt to family and friends alongside their fellow students, as well as performing on a big stage with professional sound, lighting and smoke machines!

Please visit our Gallery page and see what your child could be doing next summer if they joined The Rock Project now!

When do the sessions run?

We run sessions every week during term time Monday-Thursday and Saturday from various locations around Berkshire and Hampshire – please click on the Times & Places page for more info.

Who can join?

We welcome anyone, with any abililty, between the ages of 7 and 11 to our Junior sessions, and anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 to our Senior sessions.

We also offer sessions for adults! Please go to our Encore page for more information.

Do I need my own instrument?

If you do not have your own instrument, we can provide one at no extra cost. We always provide drum kits to save you carrying your own!

We recommend that when your child starts showing that they really want to start pursuing their instrument, they get their own to have at home to play and practise with, as well as bringing along to the sessions!

Can I come and try a session?

Of course! Your first session with us is always a free taster – this gives you the chance to see if our sessions are for you.

Due to limited spaces in each instrument, please book your first session in advance.

For more information, including current prices, please contact us.

Please note: Each tutor and anyone involved in The Rock Project holds a current enhanced CRB/DBS certificate and is NSPCC Safeguarding trained.