Harmeet, a gentleman from Reading, had a brother-in-law named Raj.



Harmeet had a dream of giving back to society, after working in the harsh, money focused, corporate world. He didn’t know where to look until he had a chat with a friend who had recently become a franchisee of a music school.


After speaking to said friend in detail about this music school, Harmeet loved the idea of how learning a musical instrument can be done in a hugely fun and practical way – by playing in a band after receiving tuition! He felt hugely encouraged and excited that something like this existed, mainly because he knew his two sons, Raj’s nephews, would love something like this.


You guessed it, this music school was The Rock Project and after some more conversation with his friend, Harmeet became extremely interested in the concept of opening up his own Rock Project franchise with Raj.


Now, Harmeet had never picked up an instrument and was a self-confessed non-musician with no knowledge of music, let alone having the ability to teach it! But he knew that with the musical talent that Raj possessed, and his own experience and knowledge of business, Harmeet had a feeling that this was the perfect package to make the franchise work.


Everything was agreed and signed in the summer of 2015 which meant The Rock Project Berkshire was officially in existence. The opening of the first FOUR schools (junior & senior sessions) in Thatcham, Wargrave, Burghfield & Tilehurst happened that September of 2015, and Harmeet and Raj – the dream team – never looked back.


Once it started, they couldn’t stop. The student count kept growing where there was room, if not the waiting lists grew!


Reaching the end of that academic year, The Rock Project Berkshire, 4 schools wide, had a successful first year. The tutors were proving to be a reliable and impressive team and the students utterly loved them.



The first Summer Concert in July 2016 was a wonderful success, with family and friends enjoying a fantastic weekend of music brought to them by their very own children.



A summer off? Surely not! Whilst all of the above was going on, Harmeet, being the visionary he is, never stopped at 4 schools with just junior and senior sessions. He and Raj worked hard over the summer ensuring the opening of Bracknell, Woodley, Windsor, Maidenhead & Caversham schools for September 2016. Two of these schools included Encore (adult sessions), as well as the standard junior and senior sessions.


Along with these plans, this brought on the recruitment of more tutors as well as an admin assistant to help with all the extra work. The team was growing! The student count was growing!


More and more people were being brought to music. This was the dream.


To be continued…


October 18th, 2018

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