‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, life to everything’ Plato

This quote pretty sums up what we all feel at The Rock Project Berkshire. The reason why Harmeet started the company, the reason we all remain so dedicated and the philosophy we continue to pass on to our students. Actually, let’s rephrase that. This is the philosophy we find our students bring to the classes. Each and everyone of them already knows this, even if it is not entirely transparent to them. We see this in the way they tap their foot, or sway in time with the music, or close their eyes as they feel that connection. The older ones often arrive with their headphones attached, humming along or head nodding to the music they are listening to and you can see the contentment in their faces and in their body language.

However, not all children are lucky to get these opportunities.



Teachers are under increasing pressure to focus on maths and English in primary schools to get children ready for SATs and, in the process, other subjects such as music get less and less classroom time. This is also the case in secondary schools, where children taking music GCSE has fallen to its lowest levels in 10 years.

With this decrease, there are fewer children who can access music lessons and the sad outcome is that so many children are missing out on the potential to find themselves and shine in subjects outside of the core collection. Children are missing out on the opportunity to boost their self-esteem.



Studying music does access the soul. While we teach the technical side of learning an instrument, we also promote that there is no right or wrong, it’s making music and feeding the soul. This can provide an instant self confidence boost, improving self-esteem and giving a buzz of pride and positivity. For many, this is the stress and anxiety buster they need, taking away the day’s, the week’s, the month’s stresses and worries. It also gives some students the release that at last they have found something they are good at. Something they get and something that ignites them.

Contributing to a session and being part of a collective group, or essentially part of a band, gives students that sense of belonging. A rise in self-worth and a buzz that other people can see their self-worth. They make connections and are part of a contagious community, where everyone feeds off each-others’ positivity and it spreads like wild fire.



This is the bit we really love, when we can see that our students get it and begin to use their imaginations and see the connection between music and personal success, and that doesn’t mean being professional musicians. It’s about using music to give ‘life to everything’. It’s about using music to lift your soul and confidence and pride.

Parenting is not easy but the one gift you can give your children to help them shine is access to music. A priceless gift that keeps on giving.

January 15th, 2018

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