We know we all say this every year, but where has the year gone?!

We continue to be proud of our students and tutors and welcome new ones alike. We are proud of the new sessions we have started and the charity fund we continue to develop to help those children unable to access music lessons to do so. We cannot believe the level of talent and determination our students continue to show, so a big thank you to them and a big thank you to you parents for sending them and encouraging them.

We hope you have enjoyed watching them develop as much as we have and possibly shed a proud tear at the Summer and Christmas Concerts.


We continue to have big plans for 2018, so watch this space!


So, what better way to finish rounding up the year than with some funny student-isms followed by some awesome success stories!


Tutor (Stuart Barker): Which country did reggae music originate?

Student: Germany


Tutor (Stuart Barker): We have some new tutors – this is George. Can anyone think of a famous George?

Student: The shop at ASDA?

Tutor (Stuart Barker): Where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart born? I’ll give you a clue – Where does that name sound like it’s from?

Student: Zimbabwe?


Tutor (Stuart Barker): ‘Alecia Beth Moore’ is the real name of which female pop artist – Pink or Madonna?

Student: Who’s Madonna?


Tutor (Stuart Barker): Did you know Michael Jackson couldn’t read music? Can anyone tell me what his nickname was?

Student: The guy who couldn’t read music?


Student: When’s Harmite (pronounced like Marmite!) coming back? (This student meant Harmeet, who owns and runs The Rock Project Berkshire.)


Tutor (Stuart Barker): Where was metal created?

Student: In a furnace?


Student to tutor (George Twydell): can you play something… good?


A guitar student one week, completely out of the blue, achieved the skill of being able to play a bar chord (a complex chord shape) perfectly.


One tutor (Matt Simon) had a great success of all 4 of his guitar students bringing a plectrum with them! (This normally never happens!)


One tutor’s (Jo Alden) student successfully transitioning from Juniors up to Seniors and thriving.


A vocal tutor’s (Rebecca Cooch) highlight: “Doing the Macarena as part of the warm up with the Juniors at Fleet every week. Except we change the lyrics to ‘Hamburger, cheeseburger, lettuce and tomato. Hey! Where’s the ketchup!’ Their energy is infectious!”


A drum tutor (Raj Puni) successfully getting one of his students to play a complex groove called the “triplet groove”. (https://youtu.be/yiNu7PJ_okk)



We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year!

From TRP Berks Team


December 22nd, 2017

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