Half term has just begun and I’m sure you’ll agree that this has crept up with alarming speed!

We have really enjoyed teaching old and new students and have learnt new tricks along the way.



We thought we’d end this half term with a few comments from our tutors and students…


“I have learned how to cater to my students’ needs, supporting them in their weaknesses and pushing their strengths.” Says Chris Merton, one of our guitar tutors who teaches at our Bracknell, Woodley and Windsor sessions.

“Next term I aim to get all of students to a

similar level so I can begin to give them more advanced techniques,” he adds.

We love his ambition and also the confidence he has in his students.


One of his Bracknell students, who is only nine years old is delighted he has moved up a group and is looking forward to the challenge of more advanced techniques.

“Chris really helps me to focus on where I put my fingers, which issomething that I often find tricky because they don’t quite reach the right places,” he adds.



Meanwhile, one of our vocal tutors, Caz Hill, who also teaches in our Bracknell, Woodley and Windsor classes, has a ‘F word Plan’ but don’t worry, it’s not what you think.

“I can sum up the experience of teaching, not just with one F word but with three…. when teaching I need to make sure it is Fun, I need to make sure I am Fair and give each student equal attention and above all I need to be Firm because they will test your limits,” describes Caz.

‘How to make singing fun? I never thought I would have a problem with this, I have always loved singing so it has always been fun but, thinking about it, I was never a nine-year-old boy learning to sing! The pre-teens have so much energy that needs to be channelled, while the seniors are enjoying themselves and are excited to be singing with a band, but are sometimes too cool and desperate for me to think otherwise,” she adds.

Collectively, we always make sure that the lessons are fun, even though they have a structure and focus on different techniques. It’s the principle behind what we do!

We’d love to hear what your children think of their lessons – all feedback is a lesson for us to learn and make sure we are offering the best service possible.


Happy half term!


October 23rd, 2017

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