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A session is 2 hours long and is split up into two sections.


One section includes professional tuition in the student’s chosen instrument or vocals, in groups of up to five or six students in separate rooms. Our tutors are all young professionals currently gigging or working as session musicians for recording artists.


During the tuition the student will learn a variety of rock and pop songs that you and your friends have suggested, ready to play together as a band later on in the session. Over time you will build up a set list of songs ready to perform.


As well as tuition, we provide a more social and practical time called “Plug ‘n’ Play”, where the students will get together and perform the songs they have been learning in their tuition groups.


For our senior students, this may eventually lead to bands being formed, which could lead on to opportunities for performing at local gigs.


This time also includes a music quiz, where everyone breaks up into teams and competes to get the most points. The quiz is suitable for each age group and gives the students the chance to sit down and socialise some more. The quiz is designed to expand the students’ knowledge of basic music theory and music pop culture.

For our juniors, this section also includes other group games focused around music. This encourages the students to understand things like rhythm, listening and team work.





In total, we can have up to 26 students in one session.

We allow up to 5 students per instrument (drums, guitar and bass) and 6 students on vocals.


We have two groups of guitar, beginner and experienced, which allows our beginner students to learn at their own pace, and gives our experienced guitarists space to learn more complex methods.





We teach the students a song every two weeks. They are all learning the same song, which will be within the contemporary rock/pop genre.


Despite the students all learning the same song, each student is given parts that are appropriate for their ability, which they will be able to play simultaneously.

As we have five or six students per tuition group, think of it as five or six 1:1 tuition sessions happening at the same time, rather than one 5:1 or 6:1 tuition session.


As they master the parts they are given, it is then made more difficult to reflect their progress.


We also encourage our students to communicate with their tutors if they find things too easy or too hard, so we can cater their learning specifically for them.


We also do two concerts per academic year, where parents get to see their children playing in bands.

We have one smaller concert at Christmas, where parents are invited to come in at the end of the last session of term. The students will perform some of the songs they have learnt that term, with a jolly Christmas hit to finish off!

We also have one big, end of year concert in the summer, with professional equipment such as the big stage, smoke machines, lights and full PA system.


You can see some footage on our YouTube page (feel free to subscribe!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4JG5br0n7Wl-y_BtPxQYNw


These two concerts per year give the parents the chance to see their child’s progress first hand. They really are special occasions!





As standard, we don’t offer grading.


We are a club that focuses teaching music in a fun and active way, through contemporary rock and pop music, offering the practical side of playing in a band in our Plug ‘n’ Play section of the sessions.

Children have enough pressure on them at school with tests and exams, and we want The Rock Project to be a place where our students can relax, be themselves and enjoy learning music with friends.


We can, however, provide grading if requested.





For safeguarding reasons, we operate a drop off and pick up system at The Rock Project.


If it’s your child’s first time, you may stay for the first 10 minutes or so to check they get settled, but then we have to politely ask you to leave.


In exceptional circumstances though (medical conditions etc.), we can of course discuss this and come to an arrangement.

April 12th, 2017

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