Following on from our last blog, we’re proud that we offer a fun, educational and safe environment at all of our classes.

While we talked about the safe guarding and first aid training we all have in the last blog, this time we want to tell you about the safety measures we have in place.


We keep a register at each lesson so it is really important to let us know if your child cannot make a session. If we haven’t heard anything we will contact the parents to ask why their child is not at the session, which we believe is a double measure in case the parents think that they are.

We do not let any children leave the session unless with a parent or carer that we know and recognise. If for any reason you cannot pick your child up, we will need full information of the person picking them up and, in some circumstances, we will ask for a password that this person needs to provide to us.

We teach our classes in schools and therefore children cannot easily leave by themselves. Nevertheless, we keep children with us at all times and always ask that they notify us if they are going to the toilet and we keep an eye to make sure they are back in the class.

We purposely teach in schools because they have the safety measures already in place, in terms of coded doors, no access for the public, as well as the facilities of a warm, large space.



We keep all our classes happy, fun, relaxed and musically focused. It surprises us every week how well the students learn and how capable they are! We just want you to know that they are super safe too!

November 22nd, 2017

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